About the Bird

UPDATE 2013: Please note that the Bird left the Bush in October 2011. She is now flying around the world, living in exotic places and missing Shepherd's Bush wherever she goes. Catch up with her journey here.

I am a twenty-something year young female who lives in Shepherd's Bush. I live with my very good friend Mo and I work in the City of London. My spare time is spent rummaging in charity shops, eating and/or drinking too much with friends, planning my next holiday and reading other people's blogs*. I would struggle to live without music, words, leopard print and cake.

This blog began as a part-experiment of my writing skills, part-exploration of my love for Shepherd's Bush. Because the blog is as much about "the Bird" as it is the Bush posts about my personal thoughts, musings and experiences will sneak in now and again, if not more often.

Recently I've also enjoyed accepting commissions for writing work for other blogs and website copy as well as online and in print media. If my writing is of interest to you, please do get in touch.

I also occasionally leave Shepherd's Bush and when I do, I take lots of pictures. You can see some of them here.

I encourage comments on the blog and welcome your feedback,

Thank you for reading,

Bird x