Friday, 7 October 2011

This will be someone else's dream...

I just had a yummy lunch with my good friend Bella. It was one of many one-on-one lunches I am eating my way through as our leaving date approaches with increasing speed.

We spent more money than was healthy on more food than was healthy in Polpo on Beak Street and we put the world to rights, to wrongs and the rights again. During the conversation Bella mentioned that she'd been to an art gallery opening the night before (not a usual Bella and Bird conversation topic I must quickly add). At this gallery she had met two young Irish girls who'd not long been living in London and thus they immediately reminded her of us when we first graduated from Uni and had a new, exciting toy to play with, i.e. London.

The reason Bella was telling me this story was because Bella had asked these two young women where they'd moved to. They'd answered "Shepherd's Bush". When Bella, who isn't unfamiliar with the delights of the Bush at all, asked whereabouts, they replied. "Oh there's this beautiful art deco building on Shepherd's Bush Road, do you know it?" Bella knew it very well.

Though I still don't know for 100% certain that they now inhabit my old flat, all it took was for Bella to say "they said they have amazing views"for me to feel a sense of satisfaction that they probably are living there. Yes it makes me realise how much I'll miss that flat, but it's a timely reminder that life moves on and people do too and in many ways they must. Though it wouldn't be a life wasted, if we all stayed in the same place we would miss out on a lot.

If I could have picked the next residents for that flat I loved so much it would have been precisely the people Bella described to me; lovely young girls with energy and hunger for life in London. Plus they claim to love the "buzz" of Shepherd's Bush. Ah ladies, you have no idea...

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