Thursday, 22 September 2011

Welcome to my life, tattoo

I love Shepherd's Bush so much I got a tattoo in its honour.

Of course, I jest. I have far too much fear, and I'll be honest with you, this shade of blue and red aren't my favourite colours so would clash with everything I wear. It was, in fact, all a childish joke experiment and indeed laughs were the order of the day when NewMan surprised me with this temporary transfer tattoo he created at the weekend.

One of the things I've quickly learnt about living with a man for the very first time is that "being silly" can help immeasurably. While we delicately test this new invasion of our respective personal spaces, I have found the best moments living together have come from the "silly" things we do for each other; me leaving my dirty socks on the floor so his don't feel left out, him singing "I want to break free" a la Mercury whilst doing the hoovering, me hiding the bananas so they go off and I have to make him his favourite banana loaf, and him making me my very own (temporary) Shepherd's Bush tattoo.

I'm not sure if he did it because I'm very close to writing my last Bird in the Bush blog post and this is his way of acknowledging that, or if he just did it because it was a fun, silly thing to do on a rainy afternoon and it would mean that his Android tattoo wouldn't feel left out.

Regardless of what the motive was I enjoyed seeing NewMan celebrate my love of the Bush even after I've left. However, as much as I love you Shepherd's Bush, I probably won't make be making my tattoo permanent. Forgive me...

P.S. I'm now using a new camera, you like? Post to follow about this on new blog soon!

P.P.S NewMan has kindly offered to make more Shepherd's Bush tattoos if anyone wants one? Limited edition!


  1. I want one!

    Perhaps he can bring one over to Perth when you come to Aussieland


  2. I will ask him! Weirdly last night we decided to definitely head east to Perth when we are in Oz so be warned we're coming!

  3. You might want this link if you get homesick on your travels It's a bit long

    You might want this link as well if you get homesick on your travels with Newman. It's a bit long and has my family in it, I took it last year.