Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman...

With just over a month to go before take off I want to introduce you properly to my new blog, As the Bird flies. Some of you have been kind enough to already check out my new space and some have even been interested enough to subscribe to the RSS feed, which I'm grateful for considering I haven't even packed my toothbrush yet let alone start flapping my wings for take off. I'm especially thankful to those who have already commented or emailed me about the new blog with words that made me feel a bit goey inside.

I'm in the process of making a number of changes, adding some stand alone pages and writing a few introductory posts while I'm still on solid ground and connected to the world via healthy reliable broadband, but once I'm up in the sky, flying high you can expect the following type of content;

* Lots of photographs. I recently tweeted about buying a new camera and I asked advice from many of the Bird in the Bush readers I know to be far more accomplished in photography than myself. I received so much great advice (thank you!) and I can now happily say that I will indeed have a very capable camera for our travels so I hope to do it justice. I will be explaining more about this on the new blog very soon so do check back in.

* Reviews. Similar to the reviews of Bush Grub and Bush bars I've done on this blog, I hope to review hotels, bars, restaurants, day trips, experiences and maybe even flights to hopefully inform and contribute to the already impressive realm of travel blogs that are out there.

Short and Sweet Reviews. Kind of like this book review I've already done, I hope to be reading a lot while beach hopping and so will share what I'm reading and why/if I enjoyed it in a short, sweet and succinct way. I may also do short and sweet reviews for new foods, drinks and sights I experience.

* Postcards Home. Though my nearest and dearest will be getting real life tangible and six week late postcards (I will do my best Mum!) I will also be sending virtual postcards to many important people in my life and I will also send the occasional postcard home to you, Shepherd's Bush.

* More about the Bird. When I first started this blog it was actually more about the Bird than the Bush (seriously read the first few months of posts - talk about me-me-me syndrome!), but after then the Bush became bigger than the Bird (!) and what I thought would be a very personal and mostly anonymous blog very quickly became a place to share information about Shepherd's Bush. I also shook off my anonymity as I enjoyed meeting fellow Bush-lovers (!!) too much. I have no regrets about this change of direction and in many ways I am very grateful as it has been a lot more rewarding both personally (being made a Guardian Top London Blogger was a massive highlight) as well as readers who, I hope, felt more aware of and connected with what was going on in the Bush. Though I certainly don't want As the Bird flies to become a diary or personal journal (me-me-me yawn....), I will of course be sharing my own personal experiences and thoughts (and no doubt moans) and I hope that you enjoy this or at least can tolerate it in between pretty pictures.

There will no doubt be much more than this and so I hope there will be something interesting for all of you. I have found "launching" a new blog quite frightening, particularly when I quickly realised that I don't have the ever-ready source of content that is Shepherd's Bush to hide in or behind. It was quite daunting when I realised that I was to be the one consistent and main source of content to keep a blog alive as opposed to other admirable, inspirational and passionate people like those I have met and blogged about in the Bush (Philippa of Bush Festival fameValeri of Queens of Hearts Cupcakes and all the staff at the Masbro come to mind). This is why I hope to let the places I fly to, the things we see, the activities we enjoy, the experiences we share do the talking while I stick to the writing...

Come fly with me...

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