Friday, 23 September 2011

Wanna get physical?

These are exciting times for Shepherd's Bush (and not just because I'm leaving so you'll be free to go about your daily business without someone blogging about it or tweeting about Bush things you already knew about). These are exciting times because in the next month or so you have the opportunity to enjoy a new art experience in the form of Open Doors London, to visit the Bush Theatre's new space and to rock out to live music, djs and comedy when Oxjam takes over Bush town.

All of these events will be excellent but they all need your help in their own little way.

Tomorrow (Saturday 24th September) head down to Open Doors first pop-up gallery this Saturday from 11am until 6pm at 28 Galloway Road where you will see locally inspired art like this W12 Wallpaper by Ashley Le Quere. I'll be there with my best "art-appreciation" face and will hopefully also have many an opportunity to test the indoor settings of my new camera.

With just over a month to go before Oxjam Shepherd's Bush Takeover there will be more fun fundraising events for Bush Blokes and Babes to get involved in. Follow them on Twitter to stay informed.

And Bush Theatre are also asking for local volunteers to help them get there space ready for the curtains to go up in mid-October.

Actually that is false information. I don't think there will be any curtains at Bush Theatre once they open in their new home, the old Shepherd's Bush Library. I was privileged enough to go have a nosey around the new space last week, where building work is well under way. I will write about this and post some photographs soon as I was lucky enough to see Bush Theatre sign the actual lease on the building, share a bit of champers with the team, be introduced to Josie Rourke not to mention bump into actor (and Bird's one-time crush) Ralf Little on my way out. It was a lovely evening so deserves it's own post to follow soon.

However what can't wait is a little plea to any Bush locals who want to help out by giving their time to help the Bush Theatre staff make the finishing touches to their new home. I have been assured that only "nice jobs" like painting, moving furniture, helping in the garden will be given to Bush locals who give up some time one evening or at the weekend and ANY time and effort given up will be greatly appreciated. I got the impression talking to many of Bush Theatre's tirelessly enthusiastic staff that it means a lot to them if local people are helping them build a local space, literally as well as metaphorically.

If you would like to volunteer some time (or plays/books on theatre) then please contact Bush Theatre directly or you can email me and I'll be happy to put you in touch with the man/woman dishing out paint brushes.

It sounds cheesy but it really is true, this is our theatre.

And this is our Bush, so enjoy it too. x

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