Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tweet tweetly tweet...

If it hadn't been for Twitter, I am confident this blog would have struggled to have reached the same readers that it has. Because of the way Twitter works, and I'm a firm member of the camp that does think Twitter "works", very quickly I was engaging, sharing, communicating and enjoying information and news about Shepherd's Bush. Or should I say about #bushw12.

Following a wise suggestion by Mr Birch to create a communal hash tag for tweets about Shepherd's Bush, a number of us Bush Twats Twitterati exchanged a number of suggestions before deciding on #bushw12. I seem to recall the reason this was chosen was because it kept the all important and innuendo-inducing Bush, but also included our postcode.

It has been a remarkable thing to watch the use of #bushw12 grow from just a handful of local enthusiasts to numerous new tweeters every month. Before I sign off this blog for good (or for bad surely!?!) I really wanted to draw attention to how important and brilliant Twitter has been in connecting not only me and my blog with you all, but also you all with each other. Before I started this blog I didn't know anyone living in Shepherd's Bush outside of my original social circle. I now have more new #bushw12 friends than I can count.

Through Twitter people in Shepherd's Bush have met up in "real life", created wonderful friendships, done business, won pub quizzes and more often than not eaten yummy food and/or got drunk together. Of course it is not for everyone, but if you are Shepherd's Bush based or even have links to Shepherd's Bush for whatever reason and you are on Twitter or would like to give it a go, save #bushw12 to your saved searches as soon as you can. And to the Bush Twitterati can I please ask you to keep those tweets coming as I'll be reading and retweeting on my travels.

You can follow Bird in the Bush on Twitter @bushbirdie.

Other good lists to follow on Twitter include Sacha's SheBiz list of Shepherd's Bush businesses on Twitter and local Twitter-er (currently based in LA for a while) Chris Hampson's Local People for other #bushw12 Twitter accounts. If you know of any other good Shepherd's Bush Twitter lists please do share in the comments!

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