Monday, 26 September 2011

Never forget where you're coming from...

I had to post this excellent video that Australia's biggest Shepherd's Bush/QPR fan sent to me should I ever feel homesick once NewMan and I have left Blighty's fair shores.  Paul or QPRSludger as he's known on Twitter has lived in Australia for nearly 30 years yet still travels back regularly to see family, friends and QPR and I'm sure this video has come in handy when he's feeling slightly homesick. You may remember Paul from this post I did previously. I'm looking forward to that beer with him in Western Australia already!

As I watched it over the weekend I was immediately nostalgic about the Bush as it captures all the right things about the Bush; the noise, the colour, the mix of cultures and some of its most "iconic" landmarks. I know some of my readers are ex-Bush residents who've not been back in a few years, so this is for you too so you can see what the Bush looks like now (well at least on what looks like a cold but sunny day in early 2010).

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