Monday, 5 September 2011

Last night...

Last Friday was my last night in Shepherd's Bush and I shared it with my flat mate Mo, an already brilliant friend who has become a very special friend indeed. I also have to say she has become a big fan of the Bush; she has found a lovely one bed flat in W12 and with it has promised that I will always have a bed in the Bush as long as she lives there.

Our last night in Shepherd's Bush involved a combination of favourite familiar and new things.

We devoured delicious sushi at Sagano.

We drank yummy mojitos in Vesbar, where I swear everyone was Antipodean, raising the question (and not for the first time) "Why am I going to the other side of the world when they're all here?".

We took photographs outside our beautiful and beloved block of flats. I loved this building long before I lived in it and I will love it long after.

We then decided to "use up" the leftover contents of our drinks cupboard. The words "big" and "mistake" now spring to my mind when I remember this.

We took silly photographs on our balcony, or "Bird's perch" as I have grown to call it. After two years I never tired once of the view. I will miss it incredibly.

We hugged before going to bed. I couldn't help but notice that even with the silly amount of sugary alcohol we'd consumed our smiles were sober and sad.

Less than 6 hours later, sore-headed and slightly shell shocked I woke up and the move out began....

So what would you do on your last night in Shepherd's Bush?


  1. Pie & Mash shop deffo


  2. Wished i found your blog was quite enjoyable to read..i live round the corner from known as god knows what as they've changed the name i've lost count