Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I can make you ice cream

Hooray I ticked off one of my "must do in the Bush before I leave" list last weekend when I visited briefly for Open Doors London's W12 pop-up gallery. Thanks to a surprisingly warm Saturday and NewMan and I burning off at least a handful of calories from cycling across London town, we experienced home made Italian ice cream from Cafe Tuga on Uxbridge Road. I've been hearing good things about the gelato on offer there for nearly as long as I've lived in the Bush and certainly as long as I've been blogging about the Bush. Though the homemade ice cream is Italian in style, the owners and many of the staff are originally Portuguese.

After a wonderfully warm reception from a woman working there we surveyed the choice of flavours, which was sadly limited but then they probably weren't expecting as good weather in late September either. I chose strawberry and passionfruit in a cone, NewMan went all traditional eating chocolate and vanilla from a cup. I have to say that the passionfruit was delicious, possibly my new favourite flavour for ice cream and NewMan's quickly emptied cup seemed to agree that it was good gelato. I'm both glad that I enjoyed it yet sad I waited so long! Though I don't suppose where I'm going there will be a shortage of ice cream...

Yet if you are staying in the Bush and fancy having a cappuccino, quick bite to eat or even a gelato, as apparently an Indian summer is heading our way, in a cafe that looks like it should be in a slightly dated but timelessly delightful Portuguese beach resort or street cafe in Lisbon then Cafe Tuga is where you need to go. Buon' Appetito! (That is Italian by the way, for the ice cream... my Portuguese is sadly not up to scratch...)

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  1. For Portuguese I always think of Dutch mixed with Spanish. So adopt that accent as you say Bom apetite!

    So glad you finally made it. Even gladder that you enjoyed it...

    By the way for other readers, they have free wifi and the sandwiches and salads are well worth a try.

    Gets busy on QPR matchdays for 90 minutes before kick-off.