Sunday, 18 September 2011

Finally it's happened to me...

I have found a hairdresser I like. I like her so much I took a bold step of having this Amelie-esque short fringe I've lusted after for a long time. This may seem like a minor matter to you but to me this is the end of years of searching, years of wasted money, years of disappointment and worst of all, years of bad hair. Oh and tears, thanks to one hairdresser at HeadMasters in Shepherd's Bush (yes I'm naming and shaming; it takes lot for me to cry in public, at least when sober).

I have often tweeted about my lack of success in the coiffing department and so I feel it deserves it's own blog post. It also feels good to know that I am leaving London having found something I thought I'd never find.

The lady in question is actually NewMan's hairdresser who works in a central London salon, however at non central London prices so if you'd like her details and would like to make an appointment please get in touch as it would be my pleasure to recommend her.

As I type this I realise that this is a bittersweet victory as NewMan and I can't afford to pack her in our luggage and take us with us when we depart on our travelling adventures. However, on other hand, it's yet another good reason to come back...

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