Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cut the cake...

I am seriously running out of cake lyrics That is how bad my obsession and compulsion to blog about the yummy, moist, spongey substance is. However, onwards and cake-wards, here is another cake post.

On Saturday there will be a cake sale in aid of Brook Green, run by local newsletter Brook Green Bugle. Brook Green Association, a residents association committed to preservation and improvement of the area, are calling Saturday "Brook Green Day" as they announce new plans for the playground and tennis courts and the Bugle is supporting this with a community cake sale, which will take place on Brook Green from 12noon until 6pm. If you are a local resident* and would like to support by making or munching cake, get down there.

If you live a different side of Shepherd's Bush and fancy some free community fun and cake, get yourselves over to Wormholt Park where the Friends of Wormholt Park and local residents will be celebrating 100 years of the park. QPR will be there hosting a sports clinic, as will many other local businesses and organisations offering food, entertainment and sports. For more information visit the Friends of Wormholt Park website. They are specifically asking for anyone with old photos of the park to bring these along.

I happen to know that the lovely Valeri of Queen of Hearts Cupcakes will be there on Saturday. I saw Valeri last Sunday at Angel Canal Festival, which was a lovely little local event happening near my now new home and despite the rain that poured at no doubt early start that day she was already looking forward to the Wormholt Park celebrations. These were the beautiful cupcakes we bought and ate last weekend. Cupcake connoisseur NewMan was VERY impressed!

* I am aware that many will protest at my inclusion of Brook Green on a Shepherd's Bush blog, however many Bush folk live within walking distance of Brook Green and I feel it only fair to share this type of news (while I still can, sniff sniff), especially as it involves a truly important subject; cake.

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