Friday, 30 September 2011

All the single ladies...

... and all the single men, a really good singles night is headed your way, if you're heterosexual that is.* No, I mean it. It really does sound like it will be a good night; it's even got an abstract cool sounding name "Love & War".

Here are three reasons why if you're single and WLTM (would like to meet, duh) and WLTP (would like to party, I made that one up) with other singles you should go to Love & War on Saturday 8th October at The Goldhawk, funnily enough on Goldhawk Road:

1. Everyone will be single, or at least will claim to be, which either way ultimately means "fair game".

2. There promises to be legendary music played by super cool DJs in a room which features a bar that in turn features beer on tap (Ooooh! Aaaah!), and there will be 150 girls and 150 guys and 0 smug marrieds/couples. Oh and Oxjam have guaranteed no silly single traffic-light-esque or speed-flirting games unless of course you like that kind of thing in which case I suggest you bring your own gong (oh matron!).

3. It is a fundraising event for Oxjam Shepherd's Bush Takeover so all profits will go towards ensuring their main event on Saturday 29th October is an awesome one day festival, which will in turn then raise a ton of money for very worthy causes around the world. Just think you could be helping charidee while falling in love (or bed) with someone!

Ah, do you remember the good old days when I was single? No, well they were indeed good though they did sometimes also get a little old too, but both provided for a few tragic interesting tales told on this blog. Do you remember Facebook guy? Or the time when I had to justify my choice to live in Shepherd's Bush to potential suitors? How about that guy I met in Walkabout? And do your remember when I said goodbye to the Kiwi? Sigh... Ah you really have been good to me Shepherd's Bush, for dates, mates and even...

That's right. Pasta.

So anyway back to the party in hand, get your single selves along to Love & War on Saturday 8th October. Tickets are £10.00 and you can pre-book online.

The single Bird of circa 2009 would have been there in a flap of her wings and a pout of her beak so I hope you represent for me and enjoy!

P.S.Don't forget Oxjam Acton have events coming up very soon so please do consider support these events if you are less single and dwell in that part of the Bush.

* As good as I think it is that they are making the numbers of boys and girls equal, I am aware this means the event seems catered purely for heterosexuals, so perhaps Oxjam can therefore arrange another all girl or all guy event for non-straighties? I think it's fair to say it will mean better outfits, less beer spilt on the floor at the end of the night and less chance of drunk girls crying in the toilets...

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