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We are the people...

These are some of the people who are helping to organise Bush Festival 2011, the free family fun day organised by local people for local people. I've already blogged about the event and how it inspirationally came about, so rather than me going on about the same old very good reasons why you should come along on Saturday 13th August 2011, I thought it might be nice if the people helping to make Bush Festival 2011 happen had their say.

The majority of the volunteer team are in their teens or early 20s and it is remarkable that they have the energy and commitment to a cause such as this. I recently gatecrashed a couple of volunteer meetings and at the end of one took some photos and allowed them to pick their favourite Instagram filter while I asked them four questions:

1. How did you become involved in Bush Festival 2011?

2. How exactly are you involved and what will you be doing on the day?

3. Why do you think Bush Festival is important?

4. What's your favourite thing about Shepherd's Bush?

DJ Danny D

1. I first heard and found out about Bush Festival last year when it was being organised for summer 2010. I go to the Masbro Centre Youth club and heard they were supporting the event and was offered opportunity to get involved as a volunteer.
2. I'll be DJing on the day, like I did last year, but also helping out with the setting up and running of the event when I'm not up on the stage.
3. Bush Festival is important because it is bringing a community together and that's an important thing!
4. It has to be the Roti Hut on Uxbridge Road; the roti, the dumplings, the chicken curry... it's all good!

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1. I was a volunteer at Bush Festival 2010, which I first found out about because I work with an organisation called Events 4 Youth based down the road in Hammersmith and I was definitely keen to get involved with it this year.
2. On the day I'm going to be overseeing all the stalls and activities workshops, just making sure that everything goes smoothly.
3. I think Bush Festival is important because it is a cross cultural event. These type of events can really help to break down social barriers and encourage integration.
4. My favourite thing about Shepherd's Bush? Westfield! That's bad isn't it? But it is really good for shopping... No, I like Shepherd's Bush Market too. I love getting candy floss from there.


1. I've lived in Shepherd's Bush since 1968 so I'm a true local.. I heard about Bush Festival last year through a friend who introduced me to Philippa (who is the head of the organising team) and I DJ-ed at last year's festival.
2. I'm a DJ and Sound Engineer by trade and so that's what I'll be doing on the day; doing my own set as well as keeping an eye on the sound for other acts.
3. Events like Bush Festival encourage a local sense of community and that is really important, especially in a multicultural place like Shepherd's Bush.
4. I like how Shepherd's Bush is a real mix of cultures. There's a great multicultural vibe. I also like that things are open 24 hours a day around here.

(If you'd like to enquire about booking Ashman as a DJ you can contact him here).


1. I'm friends with Daniel so I first heard about it through him last year when Bush Festival 2010 was being planned and 'cause I'm local wanted to get involved.
2. Photography. I'm going to be one of the "official" Bush Festival photographers making sure we capture the action.
3. Bush Festival is important because it is giving young people a chance to get involved in something as volunteers. It's school and college holidays for us now so it's a positive thing to get involved with and to feel included in something important.
4. I like that Shepherd's Bush is such a central location to the centre of London, or south of the river. It's a good spot with good transport links.


1. I heard about Bush Festival through the Masbro Centre last year as I go to the Youth Club so I got involved as a volunteer and am back again this year.
2. I'm going to be in charge of the road access to the Green for all the stalls and bands and making sure traffic keeps flowing and people know where they can park if they need to offload kit.
3. Hmm. I think Bush Festival is important because it's giving young and local people a voice. It's also important as a day out for families to enjoy.
4. Westfield. And Ochi Caribbean take away on Uxbridge Road.


1. I am a local community radio presenter and have worked previously with  Felicia at Events 4 Youth and  she mentioned that Bush Festival 2011 was looking for a host for the day and I was keen to get involved.
2. I'll be hosting all the acts on the stage; introducing the bands and filling in the gaps while set up for the next act is going on. I'll be doing my best to engage with the audience and spread the Bush Festival message on the day!
3. Bush Festival is all about making a difference and spreading a message, the right message, about creating ties and unity within the local community. I also wanted to get involved to make a difference and showcase local talent. There is a real lack of local events out there; we need more!
4. I really like Ves Bar on Goldhawk Road; they have the best mojitos and is a good spot for meetings. I also like Woody's Grill and have recently discovered a new Turkish restaurant on Shepherd's Bush Green - the food's great and they really look after me! And they're open until 3am every night, you should go!

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1. I was there at the beginning. Literally! Philippa and I were chatting about how bad it was that the Masbro carnival stopped and we wanted to do something about it. I can remember the conversation so clearly, outside the Masbro Centre, and now here we are organising our second Bush Festival!
2. I'm the Junior Events Manager so basically I'll be in charge of the live music and workshops and making sure it all goes according to plan.
3. I really feel that the youth of today are mistreated by society and the government; we don't seem to be a priority and there's not much financial support or encouragement out there. I hope therefore that Bush Festival can be a sign to the right people that we're worth investing in and making changes so youth clubs, events and projects like this are supported more and not neglected.
4. Shepherd's Bush is a multicultural environment; that's what I like the most. And that's what Bush Festival is all about celebrating...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you all.

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