Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No place like home

Over the last few days we have seen some very bad things take place in London.

However, over the last few days we have also seen some very good things as people rallied together to clean up the mess of the bad things. In Shepherd's Bush the Twitterati joined forces to ensure reliable messages about what was or wasn't going on were shared.  The eerie quiet in Shepherd's Bush as shops closed up early and boarded up their windows surprised us all and we were all hugely grateful for the calm on the streets.

Over the last few days I have also gained a few brand spanking new followers, many of them fellow Shepherd's Bush locals. (If you're the nosey type you can find out more information about me and the blog on the About the Bird and About the Bush pages.) So as well as saying welcome ("Hiya!") I also thought now would be a good time to remind ourselves why living in Shepherd's Bush is far from all bad.

In addition to my "All the small things" series of posts about the reasons I like about in living with Shepherd's Bush, here's my suggestions for some Bush things to do this weekend.

1. Go to Bush Festival. Support this local community event organised by local people for the local people taking place on Shepherd's Bush Green from 1pm until 7pm. There will be food, live music and DJs all day, food, craft stalls, food and activity workshops. And food; lots of yummy food. That's Saturday sorted, see you there.

2. Get some falafel. I'm not sure you'll find better falafel in London than the falafel you can buy at either Mr Falafel, King Solomans or at any of the other Middle East/North African food outlets that line Uxbridge Road and Shepherd's Bush Market. If you're stuck for which one to choose check out the Falafel Off my boyf NewMan, flatmate Mo and I did.

3. Go for a walk in Ravenscourt Park. We are so very lucky to have this green space (no offence to the Green) just down the road from us. There are three childrens' playgrounds, a beautiful flower garden and   for any #bushrunners out there, it's a perfect park for a gentle jog away from the traffic.

4. Get involved with the #bushw12 hashtag. This is where the lovely Shepherd's Bush folk exchange Bush news, info, rants and amusing anecdotes. Ever got fed up with the chaos in Morrisons? Regularly wonder what that smell is on Uxbridge Road? Need to find out where you can get 24 hour dry cleaning? Use the #bushw12 hashtag. (P.S. My T-Shirt is from local business I Love My Postcode)

5. Watch the sun go down. Living on the west side of London we experience beautiful sunsets so fingers crossed the skies are clear on Sunday evening so we can watch the sun set on a peaceful and happy weekend in Shepherd's Bush.


  1. Watch the sunset? Not everyone gets the views from you-know-where!

  2. Haha, yes but most people can see the sun setting at some point... on tip toes??
    If you can't, well go and get falafel again. It's that good.