Monday, 8 August 2011

Make Love, Not War

There's panic on the streets of London and I don't like it. A quick glance at a cross section of the British press, Twitter and other forums suggests that most other people dislike it vehemently too. It would seem that yet again a small minority are taking matters illegally and unfairly into their own hands and ruining things for the rest of us.

As you will know I steer away from politics on this blog and am not about to change my ways, other than to praise Shepherd's Bush for thus far not being named as one of the London boroughs where copycat riots and looting has occurred. I hope it stays this way.

One thing I do like to do in this blog is focus on the positive and there is an extraordinarily number of positive initiatives, projects and events taking place in the Bush, not least Bush Festival which takes place on Saturday is all about positivity and community.

I may not do politics but I do do music and sometimes I think it's all you need to get a message across.

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