Monday, 1 August 2011

Let me paint you a picture...

Shepherds Bush Market  © Tom Page/Open Doors

I have blogged about Open Doors before but I thought it worthwhile dragging your attention back to them and their project, which is literally all about the Bush. After asking local peoples’ opinions on what the Bush meant to them they compiled a “digital scrapbook” of local information, photos and inspiration. Even if it’s unlikely to get you grabbing for your paintbrush or camera, it’s well worth a perusal for all Bush dwellers and lovers.

Open Doors have also recently uploaded work by some of the artists that are to feature in the next Open Doors exhibition, which will take place in the home of a W12 resident who will literally open their doors to the public on 24th September 2011. As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle to “get” art in some forms but I can see where a lot of these artists are coming from in these very diverse and very interesting pieces. Here are my three favourites.

Artist: Emily Spence

Artist: Kerry Jones

Artist: Louise Burrows
I know I'm nagging asking for your support a lot at the moment for things like Bush Festival and Oxjam but this one is worthy of support and comes with the added bonus of letting us be nosey around someone else's house! I am starting to look forward to 24th September and seeing more (of the art, of course, not someone's underwear drawer. Honest).

For more information go to Open Doors website.

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