Friday, 19 August 2011

In the town where I was born...

Life long Shepherd's Bush resident Stuart has quickly become the man I turn to for a bit more information about certain areas of Bush history. He is a passionate QPR fan, lovely bloke and I owe him a pint in the White Horse (long story). Those of you who follow him on Twitter may have seen some of the photographs he took recently of his walk around Hammersmith Park. If not, you are in luck as he has kindly allowed me to share some of these and other photographs which he takes of Shepherd's Bush including the recent Bush Festival, local buildings and beautiful sunsets.

Having grown up and lived in and around the borough all his life I find it particularly charming that Stuie still likes taking photographs of the area. If you are on Flickr you should make a point of linking in with him as his other photographs are well worth looking at.

I also loved spotting these few photos of Stuie as a baby on Devenport Road in the 1960s (late 1960s I hasten to add!). The houses look the same yet different, don't you think?

A while ago Stuart told me that as a child he used to gain access to his Nan's house on Loftus Road via the coal chute. It's apparently what all the kids in the area used to do if they weren't blocked up. Everytime I walk over a coal chute cover in Shepherd's Bush (or beyond) I always think of this and smile. So thank you for that story Stuart, and for letting me share these lovely photos.

You can see all of Stuart's brilliant photos on his Flickr.

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