Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends...

It's nearly that time again. Time for another holiday! Before you say anything or even think about rolling your eyes at me, it has been a while; at least three months. Yes, all right I know I'm a lucky old jammy dodger, but there is a moral to this story; if you have a friend who happens to live in the south of France and happens to work in wine - never let him forget you and always remember his birthday!!

Anyway while I'm topping up the tan and expanding my wine-waist I would really like someone or hopefully some lovely people to do a guest post or two on Bird in the Bush. I already have some exciting guest posts lined up but wanted to extend the invitation to one and all. Maybe you could write a little review of somewhere you ate or drank recently? Maybe you could tell me what you like or even don't like about living in Shepherd's Bush? Maybe you could share some of your photos of the Bush with us? I know most of my readers know more about the Bush than I do and so it's time the real Bush experts got a chance to share their Bush knowledge and love.

You don't need to write much, I'm just looking for a few willing victims to share a bit of their own Shepherd's Bush experience. If you're keen please email me and I look forward to maybe sharing your thoughts, musings, rants and raves on Bird in the Bush.

P.S. I wrote a lil' review of Bush Festival for online London magazine Londonist.com and I was lucky enough that one of the Bush Twitterati Selina contributed some lovely photographs. I am very grateful to Selina who spent the whole day snapping away and capturing the fun.

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