Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happiness is just outside my window...

I had yet another "should have done this sooner" moment in W12 last week as I was lying flat on my back in a darkened room with a man's hands all over me.

Before you think the worst (or best!) of me, I should clarify that I was in the middle of an exceptional massage by a man called Brett who is one of the talented masseurs who keeps many customers happy at The Happiness Centre, to be found just next door to Shepherd's Bush Market Hammersmith & City tube on Uxbridge Road.

Founded 8 years ago by Bush based ball of energy (not my words, though I agree completely!), Alexis, The Happiness Centre offers a number of different treatments, experiences and activities all aimed at making you, well, happy. From sports massage to reflexology, yoga to Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will find a real range of skills in the hands of Alexis and her team, literally.

Having recently had a lovely message by a lovely man at K West, I felt like I was completely overindulging when I was introduced to Brett. However, this was a very different massage; in fact it was more a consultation as Brett used a mix of sport and deep tissue massage combined with his (incredibly) vast experience in osteopathy, anatomy and physiotherapy to explore my body (stop sniggering in the back row!) and identify areas of tension or possible concern. Prior to the massage I explained to him my running injuries and following the massage Brett discussed a number of ways in which I could change my running technique to avoid aggravating my ITB. Over the last few months what with one life-changing decision or another I've had less time to run or exercise so it was nice to be reminded that starting again needn't mean a world of pain, just a lot of huffing and puffing. But on a serious note, if you have odd aches and pains whilst running, a nagging niggle in your neck or a plain old bad back I would definitely consider making an appointment at The Happiness Centre.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. Well I think it sucks. As I countdown to the time I have left until I exit the Bush stage left, the list of things I wish I'd done more lengthens and I have to say that a return visit to The Happiness Centre would be near the top.

There's more information about all the wonderful things available at The Happiness Centre on their website.

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