Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Guest post: Right people, right time..

Source: museum.tv

Name that TV Theme song lyric!? Well if you don't know maybe it's time you checked out local Bush Bloke, Howard Bowden's social media project which is all to do with retro Shepherd's Bush. I made contact with Howard and asked him to explain all in a guest post:

I'm head of news at a PR agency in central London, and have been working in the industry for 15 years - before that I was a journalist on the Nationals.  And without wishing to state the bleedin' obvious, social media is becoming increasingly part of the PR landscape, pretty much on a daily basis - so if you work in PR you need to be totally up to speed on the subject!

This is why we had the rather smart idea of setting a three-month challenge for everyone in the company to create a Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel on a subject of their choice.  And as a proud resident of W12 for over 10 years, with a fairly obsessive interest in music, TV and film, something to do with Shepherds Bush and popular culture seemed the obvious subject.

I've always loved the fact that so much great stuff has come out of Shepherds Bush - I mean, this is where both The Who and Sex Pistols started off; beat that combo, everywhere else.   Then there's all the classic TV that's originated here, mainly thanks of course to the BBC - so everything from Monty Python to Morecambe and Wise.  Or if you turn on ITV4 you'll probably find an episode of Minder or The Sweeney taking place on Uxbridge Road.  Even growing up as a kid in Southampton, QPR always seemed the coolest London team.

So while I've been doing the Facebook and Twitter thing for a while - I'm also @howardbowden while I do some tweeting for clients.  I have now set up a Facebook page, Twitter feed and a YouTube channel and this is a great opportunity to hunt around and discover stuff about the area. I never knew, for instance, that there was a Monty Python sketch called Climbing The North Face Of The Uxbridge Road - and I'm amazed how many tracks I keep finding that mention parts of Shepherds Bush; who else knew, for instance, that The Manic Street Preachers wrote a B-side called 'Askew Road'?

There's another two months of the competition to go, with prizes for the most successful - but either way, there's a certain inevitability that Facebook.com/bushw12 and @CentralLining will continue!

Thanks Howard! The facebook for this project is well worth checking out because as well as Howard's fascinating findings I love that other (and I assume local) people have started sharing their retro Bush knowledge and references. I'm off to hunt on Amazon for the book "White City Blues" and a copy of Tracey Ullman's Greatest Hits...

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  1. I'd completely forgotten about the North Face of Uxbridge Road!! Thanks for the reminder. When I was at university, a bunch of people re-enacted that, by abseiling down and then climbing back up Windsor High Street :-)