Monday, 22 August 2011

Guest post: It's the way, that we bring this sound to you

This week I have rather a lot going on which I will hopefully blog/bore you about tomorrow, but I'm also about head off on holiday and so as to keep the W12 love flowing I invited some of my readers and friends to write guest posts while I'm away sunning myself in the south of France with my two favourite men (after my Dad obvs) NewMan and GBFF Robin.

Kicking off a series of guest posts is my good friend Chris, a one time Bush resident until he moved up, or rather west in the world to Chiswick. Chris (@cpetzny on twitter) is a User Experience Designer and professional geek, who also has a soft spot for all things W12, even though he now lives in W4. He is passionate about food, drink and drum & bass and has his own, mostly work related, blog at

Well this feels odd. I'm neither a bird, nor do I currently reside in the Bush, but I am here because I want to tell you about a Shepherd's Bush event we are working on. It's called Urban Jungle and it's a one off, free, 90s drum & bass night, which will be held at the Raving Buddha on Goldhawk Road on Saturday the 15th of October.

The whole thing came about thanks to Twitter and a noisy neighbour. Not so long ago one of the Shepherd's Bush twitterati @NelsMels, had to contend with a neighbour repeatedly and loudly playing 'No Woman No Cry' late at night. @NelsMels suggested on Twitter that some old skool drum & bass might work as revenge a means of drowning out the offending tune. I added a few bass laden suggestions of my own, as did @chrishampson and before we knew it we were reminiscing about some of our favourite 90s drum & bass tunes. 

Then we thought we should get together somewhere, bring our favourite tunes and have an evening of drinks and drum & bass. As we discussed this idea, more and more W12 tweeters wanted to join in and since none of our places are exactly palatial, the idea of hiring a venue was born. @NelsMels used to DJ and even owned a couple of drum & bass labels, so she got on the case and before we knew it, the Raving Buddha was chosen and booked. 

So in the best 90s drum & bass tradition, we moved from front room to dancehall and this is now very real and the deposit has been paid. We have the following DJs lined up (provisionally) and we may even have a few surprise special guests:

XO (Last.Fm, Bassdrive, Dogs On Acid)
Tendai (Swerve, Groove Connection)
Nexxi (G2 & Gain Recordings)
Ben Kei
DJ Lync

The following tunes should give you and idea of what to expect on the night:

If you fancy coming along or if you just want to keep up to date, please look for #bushw12 #dnbnight on Twitter or follow @cpetzny, @NelsMels and @chrishampson OR 'like' our Facebook page.

Big thanks to everyone who has so far helped and encouraged our behaviour!

Thank you Chris! I can't wait for this night when I will get to reminisce my youth of dancing all night (unaided by more than a couple of beers I hasten to add) to the likes of DJ Marky and Patife; now where did I put my neon sweat bands and matching trainer laces?

If you feel inspired an
d would like to write me a Bush story, please do! Send me an email with as many words as you like (short and sweet is fine as is long and er.. sweet) and/or some photos by Wednesday morning please!


  1. How apt a location for a 90s drum and bass night. Matrix and Optical (aka Matt and Jamie Quinn) grew up round the corner in Hammersmith Grove. I was only a rare visitor to that particular scene but understand they were quite well know (he said like a fogey)?

    My sister was in Jamie's class at primary school and his younger brother and I were in the same class. All of them nice people but not seen them for years...

  2. Amazing!! Two of the biggest stars of drum & bass and they're local boys. Are you still in touch with them? How amazing would it be if we could get them to put in a guest appearance, or even just come down for a jar or two.

  3. I'm not but I could ask around...

  4. It would be amazing if you could and perhaps point them at this post by way of explanation.