Friday, 26 August 2011

Guest post: Fun, fun, fun...

This is a special guest post featuring photos from Masbro Centre's Summer Party which was held on Friday 19th August 2011, when over 1000 people came together to share in lots of family fun and entertainment. This is twice as many people as they expected and rather than be overwhelmed it seems this only went further to demonstrate the centre's truly special way that it engages with and enables the local community.

Chief Exec of Urban Partnership Group, Andy Sharpe thanked all the volunteers and staff who made the day a success: "We are absolutely delighted with the turnout of over a 1000 people which has smashed all records for this event. The support of local families for the Masbro Centre is amazing. We are already planning next year’s summer party which will be held on Friday 17th August. 2012"

Thanks to Clint Heine who works at Masbro Centre who shared the photos with me.

See more of these fabulous photographs on the Masbro Centre's Facebook page.

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