Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't by shy...

Bush Festival flyer takes pride of place on my fridge.

Just two days to go until Bush Festival. I have been blogging a lot about the event and its story and so hope  those of you who can, will be there to share the day.  Since I picked up a flyer earlier in the week from some very committed distributors (one guy was there when I left for work at 7.30am and was still there when I returned to the Bush at 7pm!)

After the riots in London earlier this week, there was some concern about the event going ahead and the organisers had to have additional meetings with both the council and the police, yet much to everyone's delight the event is going ahead though additional security has had to be called in. I have to again reiterate that Bush Festival organisers are young people (in their teens and early 20s) and in particular my hat goes off to the young woman who is the driving force behind Bush Festival, Philippa who has had an extremely busy and stressful week ensuring Bush Festival goes ahead.

Saturday will be a busy day in Shepherd's Bush with the football season kicking off and QPR's first game back in the Premier League (Come on you Hoops!). Let's hope the visiting Bolton fans, our local police and Bush Festival organisers see nothing but people enjoying themselves .

I will be at Bush Festival for most of the day helping out, eating too much, enjoying myself and also tweeting lots of photos and info about what's going on. In fact I'll be hi-jacking the Bush Festival Twitter account for the day (cue evil laugh: mwah-hahahahaaaa!)so make sure you are following @BushFestival and if you are on Twitter please use the #BushFestival hash tag to share your own photos and stories so I can cyber stalk you all (cue same evil laugh: mwah-hahah...oh I'm crap at this).

See you on Saturday!

Bush Festival,, Saturday 13th August 2011 from 1pm until 7pm on Shepherd's Bush Green.

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