Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A change is gonna come...

First sleepless, and now teary nights. Something must be amiss. And indeed it is. In less than two weeks time I will be leaving Shepherd's Bush.

I will be flying the Bush to live temporarily with NewMan in N1. I say temporarily not because I have already scheduled a U-Turn change of heart and triumphant return to the Bush, but rather because we will then both be flying the nest completely. We are leaving the UK to embark on some travels around Asia before heading "home", well for NewMan, to Australia where I will have a long overdue (first) meeting with NewMan's Mum before more travelling around Oz and New Zealand where I will meet more of NewMan's friends and family, and I will be reunited with some of my own Pom friends who have taken the brave step of moving over there.

This is not a step that we will be taking, at least I don't think so. It is tempting just so that I can keep being "Bird in the Bush", although it will be a very, very different Bush. Where we'll end up after our travels, I actually don't know; we have many ideas ranging from the bizarre ("Let's build a raft and find our own island!") to the ridiculous ("Are there hotels in space yet?") so we're just going to wait and see. I'm of course aware that we may also end up apart at the end of it, but having over analysed this for some time I have come to the conclusion that it's a risk worth taking.

If you don't mind I will keep my other reasons for the change, the move and the travels personal, but needless to say this was not a decision I took lightly and indeed it has broken my heart a little bit. (Here come the tears... and breathe.)

For over four and a half years Shepherd's Bush has been my home, my entertainment, my despair, my joy, my source of new friends, inspiration and love. It has also been the backdrop to many a treasured moment with friends, old and new, the backdrop to great dates and less great heartshakes and in many ways it's been the backdrop to falling in love with NewMan; who now ironically is one of the reasons I am leaving. Most importantly Shepherd's Bush gave me this blog, which has become such a wonderful part of my life.

I don't leave the Bush for another few weeks and so I will keep blogging until I'm dragged away kicking and screaming. I'm then not sure what will happen to it. As a heroine of mine once said, "I'll think about that tomorrow".

I will also try to grow my other blog "As the Bird flies" (the irony of the name I came up with many months ago now stings a bit) with the photos and stories of my travel adventures and I would be so happy if some of you checked in with it now and again, even if just to keep me updated on what's going on in Shepherd's Bush.

Having had an emotional week moving most of my belongings to local W12 charity shops/NewMan's place/my parent's loft and sharing the news with my employer and friends, I am now heading off on holiday for a week. I have arranged some more lovely guest posts to keep you entertained while I'm in the south of France with NewMan relaxing and spend some QT with one of my best friends Robin who flew the nest many years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Hmm. But what if I want to look back? And what if I want to come back? Because I do already.

Bird in the Bush x


  1. All the very best with your travels. It's sounds like a very exciting time in both your lives together. Enjoy it.

    I would also just like to say thank you for playing a pivotal role in getting us Bush W12 folk meeting up and talking in meat space. I've made some great new acquaintances over the past few months because of both this blog and your tweet up organising. So, thank you.


  2. Wow!! How exciting! A sad, hopefully temporary, loss for W12, but my god what an opportunity for you. I wish you both the most amazing time on your travels and look forward to all your virtual postcards.

    I'd also like to echo Simon's words. I have loved meeting the tweeters of Bush W12 and I have definitely made a few more very good friends out of it. Even our crazy drum & bass night would not have happened if I hadn't stumbled on your blog and come along to that fateful Bar FM tweetup.

    See you around,


  3. Hasn't she done well everyone. I am so very proud of you and have watched you shine these last few years (don't worry peeps, i'm not some crazy stalker but proud to say Bird is one of my best friends. Keep up the good work on the travels, I for one will be catching up on 'As the bird flies' looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

    BIG LOVE, Bella xxx

  4. A huge loss for Shepherds Bush but a big win for the Southern Hemisphere! As a Kiwi in Shebu I will miss you so much, especially all the work you have done for the Masbro Centre, to keep our name out there for all the world to see!

    However what is our loss is Aussies (and Kiwis) gain. You will have a wonderful time there (and jealous as you'll have a brilliantly long summer) and I know you'll stay in touch.

    All the best!!

  5. Wait... what? I've just seen this. This is what living in another time zone does. I miss all the crucial news that happens when I'm probably asleep!

    Birdie what can I say. We find ourselves in similar situations. I was excited to be offered the chance to live and work in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and now I'm here I think about you all back there every day, and I too, was gutted at having to leave the part of London I've lived in and loved for almost seven years. Especially because, it was only as recently as last year did I discover your blog, and all the cool characters of the W12 twitterati representing all that is good about Shepherds Bush. The various pub gatherings that have since ensued have only cemented my fondness for the area and all its lovely people. Shepherds Bush shall be a lonelier place without you. However, you deserve to have a brilliant adventure and I sincerely look forward to reading the new blog - and hopefully catch up with you when I return in a couple of weeks, and before we both fly off again with a piece of W12 in our hearts.

  6. hey angel we are so gunna miss you and you're beautiful insights into the Bush.... thanks for your heartfelt blogs that made many a person's heart smile .... (teary sniff sniff!)

    i guess on the bright side (as da Bird would have reminded us) - as an Australian myself - glad you're flying freely to follow your magnificent heart to blue skies

    feathery lovely wonderful little human .. may your bright soul shine a light everywhere you travel

    big universal love

  7. Good luck on your future travels, from the ex #bushw12 weather man - now resident in #actonw3