Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The things you see...

Other people are bonkers for the Bush too, as these brilliant photos taken by Sacha show. He describes his photos as showing the Bush to be colourful and it's hard to disagree.

Where is this sea life wall mural? I'm fairly sure I've seen it before but I can't recall where. I love it.

Sacha also included an up to date photograph of the Octopus I referred to in yesterday's post about Bush street art

Also on the subject of street art, can you spot an slightly amateur if not very enthusiastic attempt at the Pickles bear I was talking about?

If you have any photos of the Bush you'd like to share on here do drop me a line.

All photos used with Sacha's permission. You can follow him on Twitter. Photos from his Flickr are all rights reserved.

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  1. The sea life wall mural is a recent-ish addition to the St Elmo fish and chip shop in Askew Road; you know, the chip shop which features in the opening scene of a mid-70s Sweeney episode (slightly worried I'm getting a bit carried with this retro thing...)