Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Street Life

It's the only life you know?

Well in Shepherd's Bush street art is alive and well. I'm not sure why but in recent months I've been more aware of the street art in and around Shepherd's Bush. It is possibly also because other Bush dwellers on Twitter have also been commenting on new and old street art and graffiti in and around W12. One of the things I am noticing is the increase in stickers; graffiti style illustrations or drawings on adhesive paper slapped all over various signs around the Bush. They don't appear to be commercial or promotional, instead choosing to make a statement or catch the eye in the same way graffiti does.

I have very limited knowledge of the street art, but I have a deep appreciation of it's accessibility, what it represents and what it says about the world around us. Even the small stickers I find interesting because they are a product of somebody's thought and effort, though I appreciate they are bloody annoying to anyone who's job it is to clean them off.

These are some of the examples of various forms of street art I've spotted in Shepherd's Bush. I'm sure there are many, many more and I haven't included here the rather famous Octopus (of which there are excellent photos here, though most of this artwork has since gone). I would also like to add that I use that term as loosely as a girl should when she doesn't really know what it means.

I tried to do some detective work to find the people behind some of these pieces but have pretty much failed other than establishing that the chemist shutters were done by "some guy whose girlfriend picks up her prescriptions" there.

I particularly like this little fella, the Pickles bear who I've seen in many places around the Bush and other areas of West London. I would love to hear more from you if you can offer any insight!

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  1. The black and white one on the side of the pub is done by someone called Phelgm: