Monday, 4 July 2011

Question. Tell me what you think about... in Shepherd's Bush?

Actually it's not me who wants to know, it's Open Doors W12; a locally based pop-up artist gallery "with a difference".

Their goal is to create a network and give a platform to artists who want to exhibit and sell their work locally. They plan to hold local "pop-up" exhibitions, which will be influenced directly by the local community.  These pop-up galleries will actually be peoples' houses and they already have one open in the Bush, on Galloway Road (though I'm not sure quite how this works regarding opening times and whether there's a gift shop on your way out; probably not). Their website claims that the emphasis on local community is central throughout the process of creating, showcasing and selling artists' work. This begins at Open Doors by compiling a "digital scrapbook of local issues memories and events" which will become an available source of inspiration to artists.

Set up by "two young people who have experienced the frustrations of getting work into the public eye" Open Doors clearly have their sights set on expanding this initiative to postcodes beyond W12 yet they have chosen to start with W12 and they are therefore keen to know all about what you think about your postcode, your Bush, so to speak, which I assume will form part of this digital scrapbook of inspiration.  As part of their mission they are also looking for local homes who are willing to open their doors, and of course local artists.

They are therefore asking local people to go to their website and answer the following questions:

What is your favourite word?

What is your middle name?

Draw where you are most happy in W12

Have you ever been afraid in London?

If you set up a charity in W12 what would it do?

What was your first job?

What object would you pass on to your children?

Click here to see my answers and give Open Doors yours. They've also said you can tweet them answers so what are you waiting for?

I have to say after reading more about Open Doors and answering their questions myself I am feeling very inspired myself; I love hearing these stories of people pursuing their dreams, especially when they are inclusive of the local community. Good luck Open Doors!

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