Monday, 18 July 2011

Part 2: In the lap of luxury?

This is the second post reviewing K West Hotel Spa. To read the first post about my spa experience click here.

Having watched Betty follow her consultant into a different room, I was led by my own master into a small but comfortable and lemongrass scented box room. Again I spy with my curious eye, more plus white towels. "Don't think about their linen bill, Birdie, or where they store all these amazing towels. Relax... relax... relax." I was invited to undress (such a strange thing to be asked by someone who's not your partner/doctor) and cover my, er, bits with more of those towels ("I wonder how they get them so white?" "Shut up Bird! Relax!"). Why is relaxing such a hard task?

I wasn't pondering on this question long. As soon as my masseur’s hands were on my feet I fell into a deep state of utter relaxation. Even the occasional painful drilling down on knots in my shoulders failed to disturb me. Maybe I will share the precise details of the massage with you another time, but I can certainly state here and now that it was worth every penny of my hard earned money and the hour flew by. 

After being allowed a few minutes to just lie under the towels, then redress, I was shown to the RelaKs (ooh sneaKy!) Room which is a darkened room full of more treatment beds and there are magazines and headphones (playing the same trickling water, wooden chimes-esque music that can be heard throughout the spa).

My treatment room
In typical Bird and Betty style, we’d clearly already had enough of lying down as within a few minutes we were in the wet spa area having a nosey at all of our options. The sauna featured fully clothed, well bathing-clothed people and next door there is a samarium, which is a slightly “cooler” but more humid (correct me if I’m wrong spa regulars!). There is also a foot spa area as well as a herbal steam room. Then there is K West’s K Spa’s Koolest feature; the Snow Parade. This is a room, ok basically a walk in freezer, which has snow, albeit faKe, on it’s walls and floor which you are supposed to rub all over your body for 2-3 minutes. Betty and I managed it for a minute and then squealed and shuffled back into the warmth and comfort of the rest of K Spa. There is also a large hydro pool with jacuzzi and a wall of padded booths where you can lie and take a break from all the exhausting spa experiencing.

Sneaking a piK in the RelaKs area

Magic taps (had to be there maybe?)

It does what it says on the door...

For the two hours which followed, Betty and I swapped future holiday plans in the foot spa area, sweated out work woes in the Sanarium, talked boys in the steam room (so steamy on many levels!), timed ourselves in the sauna (7 minutes, pathetic!), floated away in the bubbles of the jacuzzi and savoured sweet moments of silence in the padded booths where we lay in blissful quiet side by side.

Of course I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed. How often do I go to an award-winning spa? Err very, very rarely. And it's even more rare for me to then be disappointed by said award-winning spa. But I really wanted to give the full experience an unbiased review and ultimately answer the most important question I referred to earlier; is it worth it? The answer is yes, absolutely yes. The treatments alone were worth their asking price; we were looked after like VIPs and most importantly the day in the spa and treatments worked. I felt relaxed, unravelled and a little prodded and poked at. Betty did too. Just what I’d ordered.

After such a special experience it was then a little strange to walk out into the bright lights of Shepherd’s Bush and grab a sandwich from M&S for our lunch. I have to say it felt a little wrong going from one extreme to the other. Yet I’ve said before that Shepherd’s Bush is a melting pot of juxta-positioned contrasts, so why not throw into the mix a bit of luxury and comfort, done brilliantly by K West Hotel & Spa.


  1. Looks lovely. My colleague at work has been to the spa there and said it was good. I think they stayed a few nights. Odd having a holiday in Shepherds Bush!

    I have a K-West story. Not great but worth briefly mentioning...

    Now when I first moved to the Bush (2008) I went out for some drinks with native West London friends who lived not far away. Come pub chucking out time we fancied another drink and my friends recommeneded going to K-West. They said it was a little expensive but there was always a good chance of spotting famous musicians there as it's where they often stay in West London (no idea why). I suppose I kind of dismissed the second part as poppycock.

    So we went there and, lo and behold, De La Soul were there having a drink! Some of my friends went up to chat to them. I was just astounded that what I thought was a tall tale perhaps had some merit.

    I haven't been back so in my mind K-West is full of early hip-hop superstars EVERY NIGHT.

    (by Exiled Northerner- for some reason can only post as anonymous?)

  2. Thank you Exiled Northerner (not sure what's going on re: Anonymous commenting - Blogger's been a bit on-off recently)

    And yes I've heard similar stories of famous names propping up the K Bar. I am hoping to return and celeb spot whilst testing the cocktail menu soon! And yes let's hope it's a regular for 90s Hip Hop stars - I would be over the moon to see De La Soul (though bizarrely I have drank in same bar as them before, in Austria, long story!)

    Thank you for reading x