Friday, 15 July 2011

Night Terror

Every now and again I have trouble sleeping. On nights like this, I struggle to sleep for more than two hours at a time and I spend hours in between the odd bout of slumber by tossing and turning and stressing. It becomes an all too easy vicious circle of insomnia, of course so I have to be strict with myself, keeping my body, thoughts and mind still. I am lucky because after a few nights like this I tire myself out and longer, deeper sleep takes over. Eventually.

I'm not sure why but during a recent insomnia ridden night I had a strange urge to get up and go for a long walk. Walking has become my new running. It tires me out allowing me time and an injection of endorphins to help process whatever is pestering me or keeping me awake but is also much kinder on my knee. At 3 o'clock in the morning midway through a warm July night all I wanted to do was go for a long, lonely walk around Shepherd's Bush Green. And I nearly did too. But then quite randomly Laura Marling's song "Night Terror" popped into my head and I decided against it.

Yet I thought the song worth mentioning as it makes reference to Shepherd's Bush Green and to a poor man who is clearly having (much more) trouble to find the peace of sleep...

"I woke up and he was screaming.
I'd left him dreaming.
I roll over and shake him tightly, and whisper "If they want you, then they're gonna have to fight me,"
(Oh, fight me)

I woke up on a bench on Shepherd's Bush Green
Oh a candle at my chest, and a hand on his knee.
I got up it was dark there's no-one in this park at this hour,
How do I keep finding myself here?
(Oh, fight me.)

If I look back and he is screaming,
I'd left him dreaming, the dangers fade,
I'll run back and shake him tightly
And scream "if they want him, then they're gonna have to fight me!" (Oh, fight me).

But if I wake up on a bench on Shepherd's Bush Green
Oh, a candle at my chest, and a hand on his knee.
I'll roll over and hold him tightly, and scream "If you want him, well you're gonna have to fight me!" (Oh, fight me).

Don't; fight me." 

I'm not sure why but Shepherd's Bush Green seems like such a perfect place to write a song about. It's a place of oddness, activity, energy, mystery, fun and fear. This song captures the fear and mystery. I hope that the live music to fill the Green at Bush Festival next month will capture the fun as well as a large dose of community spirit.


  1. I forgot about that song, it's a good'un.

  2. It's a good 'un. I don't always like her stuff (have to be in the right mood) but I always like this song, mainly because of the Shepherd's Bush Green reference.

    Bird x