Friday, 22 July 2011

I like food.

Hungry for the weekend? Me too! 

This weekend is going to be a special one for Bird and family as my little (but much bigger in height) brother gets married to his long term love. I will be blogging about it with photos and stories on my other, less Bush-y blog soon.

Delicious falafel by King Solomans

Anyway, back to the important matter in hand, or rather, on my plate. I recently did a guest post about the best of Shepherd's Bush food on the Best of Hammersmith & Fulham's blog so please do pop over to read and agree/disagree with my round up of my favourite eateries in the Bush. I hasten to add that I could have easily listed ten more restaurants/cafes but I had to draw the line somewhere and not appear to be the greedy so and so I am.

Yummy Thai in Esarn Kheaw

Also carrying on the food theme, this week I stumbled across a new blog by a Shepherd's Bush resident who calls himself Exiled Northerner. After spending 5 years t'up north as a student the North holds a special place in my heart so I do hope that the Bush is a home from home for him in his exile. 

Mr Northerner's latest post is an excellent part-review of the Bush's brilliant Middle Eastern/Arabic food outlets and  ingredient stockists, part-recipe for how to make "Shepherd's Bush Chicken Kebab and Sides" or "home-made King Solomans" as he also affectionately refers to the kebabs. It makes for a saliva inducing, tummy growl instigating, highly tempting read. I will tease your taste buds some more with his photos:

Thank you Mr Northerner for highlighting how lucky we are to have this culinary mix of flavours on our door step.

It is ironic that I am blogging about food now but not unexpected, as I have been on a (no booze, no fun food) diet for the last few weeks to try and lose a little excess weight (I blame NewMan's love of going out for dinner and my love of being taken out for dinner) prior to being a bridesmaid for my brother. It was quite odd you see, when we bought the dresses last September they fit perfectly but it seems leaving them to hang in a wardrobe for many months has caused them to shrink somewhat; strange I know! Well I've done it. I've lost a few pounds, done a few sit ups and can now wear the dress comfortably and still have the ability to breathe and, more importantly, eat! Bring on the wedding cake!

"Forever" bunting I made for bro and his new wife

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