Friday, 1 July 2011

Gold, always believe in your soul

I told you that Shepherd's Bush could be found at the end of the rainbow!

The Daily Fail Mail has reported today that Westfield will soon have a gold bar distributing vending machine. Of course it will.

I'm not sure if it's an attempt to reduce levels of obesity in shoppers or to simply become another attraction for possible break-ins, but they do say that despite the current economic climate the price of gold keeps on rising.

With the cheapest option being a £40 1g gold coin (which I would probably lose in a heartbeat), I am sure the vending machine will become a money spinner for those wanting to get their hands on genuine bling. With other options including a 250g bar for over £10,000, you'll easily be able to spot the shoppers headed for this vending machine; they'll be the ones with pockets so weighed down with change their trousers are falling apart and are on the floor. Ah well, they're in the perfect place to buy some more...

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