Friday, 1 July 2011

Dear June

This is a new feature I want to experiment with; monthly summaries of what Bird in the Bush has been up to. I hope you like it. Here goes...

Interestingly my delicious visit to Kerbisher with NewMan made the most popular post of the month. You clearly all like a good old perv at photographs of fried fish, and who can blame you?! I was so glad to hear that a number of you made your own way to try it out and prove my taste buds right.

Also popular were the write ups I did before and after Bushstock and again I want to thank Suma for her photographs and a big thank you to her, Mo, Sacha and Stew for their excellent company.

And thank you to those who took part in my Bush Theatre competition. I am off to see Where's My Seat? tonight so I'm very excited about that as have read some excellent reviews.

Earlier in the month I found a heart in Shepherd's Bush. Literally:

I'm happy to say it's still there and it cheers me up every time I walk past it on my way to the tube station.

I also stumbled across a record stall in the Village Hall

... and my best cyber-stumble of the month was the Shepherd's Bush commuter inspired art on Brushes with Strangers. After featuring it in the blog, Mike Reed, the man behind this excellent blog then dedicated a sketch of a Central Line traveller to me. I don't know why but I love it very much.

Bush Bloke Stuart shared with us his brilliant ye olde map of the Bushe of Shepherd's, which I know fascinated many as much as it did me:

In terms of Bush grub, aside from my feast at Kerbisher, I also enjoyed a freshly made falafel wrap from King Solomans with Mo. It was a crucial part of our Bushstock preparation.

Personally it was a busy month for me as I started selling vintage clothes online and also taking on more writing work in my spare time, which I am very much enjoying. I like words.

My walk around Ravenscourt Park was my personal favourite post of the month; the sun shone (intermittently), there was a calm in the air and all around me families, couples and lone strollers were enjoying a small but valuable piece of green in the Bush.

Doing this month summary of posts has made me realise what a lot there is to do and see (and apparently blog about!) in the Bush so thank you for reading. June was a busy but fun month with on-off sunshine and lots going on with regards to Bushstock and Bush Theatre and now Oxjam has been announced. It's nice letting the sun set on a busy month, just hope I can find energy for another one... Easy!

As always I'm open to suggestions about places to try, food to eat and people to meet so if you do have any ideas for where to send Bird in the Bush over the next few months please do make them heard. You've long been recommending restaurants like Albertine, Patio and Sagano and I wasn't disappointed so please keep them coming; I wouldn't want to risk getting hungry!

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