Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The best, the best of (you)...

Dubious song lyric association as a title today, but work with me people!

I wanted to share yet another useful resource for us Bush Bumpkins; The Best of Hammersmith and Fulham. This interweb site offers Hammersmith & Fulham locals help and guidance with a local guide to the area and information about events. However, it is mainly a site for local businesses to benefit from by joining a business directory, receiving recommendations and testimonials on the site and also being able to pitch for business via the site's "Quote Me" function. This is only a fraction of what is visibly available online and there is even more benefits to Member businesses behind the scenes, which I found out when I met with the David Wood the other day.

David is a Bush "neighbour" but from the outset I detected a lot of enthusiasm for the Bush and he talked animatedly about his W12 clients and contacts. With a background in advertising, marketing and general internet entrepreneurial type stuff he is well positioned to lead the team at The Best of Hammersmith and Fulham in offering local businesses guidance, contacts and practical advice. Woody, as he likes to be known, told me some lovely stories about some fascinatingly intelligent and enthusiastic characters running businesses in the Bush, and I now know who will be my first port of call if I need any kind of work doing in my nest as he assures me they don't just accept any old DelBoy as a member. There's an important requirement that they have to personally be convinced of a Member company's ability to add value to local residents. To further support these businesses Best of offer (surprisingly cheap!) help with a digital presence, marketing and networking.

Working in the City surrounded by sky scraping corporate monsters, small and medium businesses aren't something I'm an expert in, however I have met many local businesses through this blog and have always felt very inspired by their energy and vision despite the up hill challenges in our current climate (not to mention those presented by having Westfield on your doorstep). It is therefore reassuring to know that The Best of Hammersmith & Fulham is there for local businesses.

If you have any questions about Best of I strongly suggest you get in touch with David (he's also on Twitter). If you're a local resident who has been disillusioned by wide-boy builders or other service providers I strongly suggest you bookmark Best of's business directory as a quick glance over the testimonials does install some faith and reassurance.

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