Monday, 25 July 2011

A beautiful day...

I am struggling to stay awake today. It would seem that watching two lovely people declare their love and life long commitment to each other can really take it out of you. Admittedly the all night party consisting of hours spent dancing to an incredible band (details available upon request!) and disposing of Jaegerbombs with various member of both wife and groom's family didn't help either. 

But it really was such a lovely day, with minimal stress and maximum love. Here's the day in photos taken on my iPhone and edited with that all-too-over-popular but still-does-it-for-me app Instagram.

Even though I was a bridesmaid I still took my invitation with me...

Exactly 20 minutes before supposed to be helping bride into beautiful white dress I sliced thumb open. 

So instead I helped/annoyed Bride putting on her make up.

I manage to put own dress on without further injury.
Excuse the full frontal but this photo best shows the beautiful purple colour the Bride chose.

I adopt a more supervisory role at this stage which involved getting in the way taking photos and trying not to cry.

A beautiful countryside location for a beautiful wedding reception? Check.

The tables were named after the newlyweds' favourite gig venues and this was ours.
This was second favourite after Manchester Academy (where they met).

My bridesmaid bouquet which I held proudly all day and night long.

Breaking all my usual rules with a photo of someone close to me.
Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the happy couple; my brother and his wife.

All these photographs tell the story of a wonderful wedding, including the last one which shows my brother looking slightly scared as he enters a room full of their nearest and dearest.

The way that he grips his wife's hand and smiles through it all anyway, now that's the start of a marvellous marriage.

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