Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back down memory lane...

I was going to blog about a local Bush Bloke's social media project which has led him to create a Facebook page and Twitter feed devoted to all things "Retro Shepherd's Bush", and indeed I will blog about Howard and his fascinating sites soon, but I couldn't help but feel it was more urgent to share with you one of his special finds that he found today.

This video shows the journey of the 607 bus from Shepherd's Bush to Uxbridge when it was a trolley bus. It's nothing short of bizarre to see the network of wires and cables overhead around the Green and down Uxbridge Road.  More fascinating are the images of Shepherd's Bush in the early 1960s. Look at how thin that pelican crossing is where now we have a wide life-risking traffic-light controlled pedestrian crossing from the station to what is now West 12 shopping centre. I love how "French" the roads along the Green look with those tall trees and an almost pleasant stream of gorgeous vintage cars. Lovely to see how colourful Uxbridge Road was back then and look at BBC TV studios in its old home, now the Empire. This is doing nothing to rein in my current obsessions with nostalgia and vintage (cue shameless plug of vintage clothes/accessories website and shameless mention of promotional offer; free delivery for locals - contact me for coupon code)

The video owner has disabled embedding so unfortunately I can't feature the video on my blog but I managed to capture these images, which though blurry are still quite charming and show how alive and different-yet-the-same Shepherd's Bush was 50 years ago.

Thank you Howard for finding this and letting me share! I thoroughly recommend you take sometime to share in his exploration of all things "Bush Retro".


  1. Good stuff birdie. I just love the Eric Coates light music in the background on that video. It's unmistakebly British :))

    I wondered who the local Bush Bloke is. I'm liking his retro finds on the area and looking forward to seeing more.

  2. This is wonderful! I remember the Television Theatre, as I still think of it, looking like that when I was a child. God I am old. Thanks for sharing that!