Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tell me why?

Tell me why have I never been to the Albertine Wine Bar before?

This was the question that was circulating around my head from the moment I walked across the threshold into this traditional, almost continental looking wine bar. I was still questioning why two glasses of delicious white wine later as I stepped outside onto the obliviously busy Wood Lane.

Inside the bar you instantly feel like you are in the right place to drink wine and not just because of the back wall lined with bottles of red, but because of the general ambience of the place and the inviting smells wafting around the room. There are candles lit on rickety wooden tables around which are gathered wooden chairs of different sizes (some visibly from a church) and the tempting smells are fresh French bread, olives and cheese, ah the cheese. There is a lot of cheese in this place. How could you not drink wine in such good company as that?

Because I was there to meet a fellow local blogger/networker/marketing guru, David Wood of Best of Hammersmith and Fulham, I didn't do my usual thing of inspecting the menu back to front justifying to myself that I could drink as much as I wanted ("It's research! For the blog! *hiccup*"), instead I joined him in his very wise white wine choices and enjoyed a glass of Riesling and a glass of Duoro, a Portuguese white wine. Both were excellent. As was the company as we discussed Bush highs and lows, blogging, the power of social media (don't underestimate it!) and a number of other varied subjects. Again, perfect conversation topics for a wine bar.

So why hadn't I done this before? Mainly because from the outside I think Albertine looks like a village post office from the 1970s. Well it's true what they say; "Never judge a wine bar by it's cover". I apologise profusely for this error and I will be back to study that menu in full...soon. 

Source: Tired of London, Tired of Life

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