Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Say what?!

I often look up what search terms people are using to land on and hopefully read a little of my blog. Over the last 18 months or so I've been informed by Blogger Stats (which I trust less than Google Analytics, but it's more accessible for a quick nosey) that people have searched for me directly ("bushbirdie", "bird in the bush"), and indirectly ("a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", "blog about shepherd's bush", "shepherd (sic) bush blog"). Sometimes they have found me by complete accident, having been completely led astray thanks to my use of song lyrics as post titles ("I found a place where weee (sic) can boogie", "brimful of asha", "plenty more fish in the sea").

I have to say that the search terms that someone used to find my blog today are the best that I have ever seen: "best toilets to have sex in at westfield shepherds bush".

I daren't type these words into Google myself to see how high or low in the results I appeared, yet I can't help but be curious why someone would think they'd find the answer on my blog? (I'm also a teeny bit disappointed that I don't actually know the answer.)

Source: Guardian

That said, I do pride myself on being a facilitator of communication and information about the Bush so if you do know the answer to my new reader's questions feel free to comment with your suggestions.


  1. I can't even imagine WHY you would want to ask Google about something like that, let alone expect location-specific query. Unless there's a whole world of shopping mall lewd activity conducted online which I had no idea about. Odd. Amusing. And slightly disturbing!

  2. Congratulations: this very post is already the No 1 result on Google for "best toilets to have sex in at westfield shepherds bush."

  3. Wow that's a scream, implies some sort of kinky underground ;-)

  4. Ah. I can see how this has completely backfired on me, and what's worse I STILL don't know which are the best toilets!!

    Bird x

  5. Some kind of kinky underground? Nahhh. Everyone's doing it, didn't you know?

    By the way, the answer to the question is: first floor at the far end of the Village.

    Hahaha (I jest). (Although that toilet *is* the best in Westfield.) x