Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The music sounds better with you...

A little slow on the uptake but very, very happy to inform readers that Oxjam is coming to Shepherd's Bush in October in the form of a very promising sounding "Oxjam Shepherd's Bush Takeover". Phew! At last I have somewhere to channel all my post-Bushstock-blues energy....

Oxjam is Oxfam's month long music festival, during which hundreds of gigs, concerts, sing-a-long music based events will be taking place all over the UK. The funds raised go on to support Oxfam's numerous projects They have joined together with LiveNation and O2 Academy venues  to run training days for those who want to get involved so I would hazard a guess that the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire will feature in Oxjam Shepherd's Bush.

The precise details are yet to be confirmed but they have launched a Facebook page and a Twitter account so t they must be serious and one blurb described it as "Camden Crawl meets Comic Relief", which doesn't half sound bad when it's on your doorstep. Also the date Saturday 22nd October has been floating around on their Facebook page as the date for diaries but I will try to confirm this.

Watch this space Bush buddies... oh and also this space: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/Oxjam

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