Thursday, 16 June 2011

A long, long time ago...

"I can still remember..."

Which is a lie because this picture (stolen from a lifelong Bush resident Stuart) is of a map of Shepherd's Bush and surrounding areas in 1746, which is a long time before I was born.

I particularly like the names that have stayed the same; Brook Green, Paddenswick (there's a Paddenswick Road leading down to Ravenscourt Park) and of course Shepherd's Bush which seems to only refer to what we now know to be the Green; was there ever just one lowly bush that became so popular with shepherd's taking their sheep to market in the smelly pit of Londinium town? That must have been some bush...

I also wonder about the names that have changed; what happened to Torvang Lane and Torvang Farm (what a good name, sounds almost Viking)? And when did North High Way become Uxbridge Road? It is interesting to see how some of the roads between fields are in the same places where roads dissect rows of terraced houses. This map also makes you realise how once upon a time grand royal estates like Kensington Palace were "out of town" properties surrounded by farmland and, well, countryside.

Local history is a wonderfully fascinating thing so thank you Stuart for posting this and keeping me amused for more than a few minutes, and I'm sure I'm not alone.


  1. Can`t see Loftus road on there anywhere!!

  2. Fascinating. I love old maps and this is the best one of the area that I've come across. Notice how tightly packed all the orchards are. This was at a time when this part of London provided a great deal of fresh produce for its residents and the local street names still reflect the rural past, e.g. Starfield Road, Applegarth Road.