Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's business time

Not wanting to invade people's privacy, I've purposefully not blogged very much about the individuals I have met through this blog or at our tweet-ups. That is not to say that I've not met a wonderful bunch of people, because I certainly have. Furthermore, these people are also very talented folk with a range of careers and professions proving that the Bush is veritable hot bed of interesting skillful professionals.

This is demonstrated well in new local organisation Askew Business Network; a directory of local businesses and professionals based in and around the Askew Road area (and surrounding parts of W12). Because I've always lived closer to the Green than to Askew Road I've been slow to realise the community and business spirit of this side of the Bush but for many it is their central point for grocery shopping, restaurants and pubs. I am changing my ways since discovering the very delicious Japanese restaurant Sagano.

They hold monthly business networking events as well as producing and distributing newsletters. I will hopefully be going down to the next networking event in July but they are on the look out for new directory members all the time. As their website says they are also an excellent point of call if you looking for a specific service or skilled professional. If you'd like to join click here or email me and I'd be happy to put you in touch with them.

Photos from Askew Business Network. For more information go to

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