Thursday, 2 June 2011

I know where it's at... Bushstock Venue no. 4 - Shepherd's Bar

Source: Shepherd's Bar

Well this is a tricky post because it's a venue I've not only not visited but one I effectively got chucked out of (long story which involves me and northern chum Kelly trying to trick a security guard that we were members only to get outed by "friend" (i.e. friend of a friend I don't like) seeing me and saying "Birdie! I didn't think you were a member here...". (Posh) plonker.). Anyway this members only bar which can be found down the side of Shepherd's Building behind the West 12 shopping centre will be opening up it's doors to lowly members of the public, or rather Bushstock wristband wearers.

So here we go with the bands who are on offer to those who will cherish this opportunity to spend the whole day in a members only bar they don't normally get within sniffing distance of (possibly me):

Tom Williams and the Boat - they are like a folkier Zutons. That'll work for me.

Laki Mera - I've already blogged about this Scottish five piece when I sang their praises. I have to say my elecrtonica tune hasn't changed. Still reminiscent of Burial but with a heavy leaning towards Massive Attack, this band is Birdie's top tip for the Shepherd's Bar line up.

Guillemots - so here we go, arguably the biggest band on the Bushstock line up (according to "who Birdie has heard of the most") will close the show at Shepherd's Bar. They've been knocking about now for a number of years and have a Brit nomination under their belts. Their lead singer has possibly the best name in popular music; Fyfe Dangerfield (his real name, kind of) though other band member Aristazabal Hawkes is a close second. I'll be honest that my jury is still out on them but they have received excellent reviews for live performances so welcome to the Bush Guillemots.

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