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I know where it's at... Bushstock Venue No. 3: Ginglik

Source: Ginglik
Ah Ginglik, you had me at "I'm a converted underground public toilet". Could the origins for Shepherd's Bush late night music, comedy and club night venue be any more perfect, any more Bush? Although I'm not a regular regular at Ginglik I do think Shepherd's Bush would be a very different place if it wasn't there, and indeed when its closure was threatened two years ago the response was over 3000 signatures and a busy active campaign led by local residents as much as the arts and culture professionals who value Ginglik as a place for independent, live music and up and coming comedy and arts. 

Source: Ginglik
Coincidentally I learnt recently that the toilets were built purposefully for the 1908 Olympics. For anybody who's been to Ginglik, a small venue by anyone's estimation, it is quite remarkable to think that the space provided enough conveniences for all the spectators.

Source: Ginglik

So back to Bushstock and Ginglik, which will open slightly later than the other three venues (the first performance in Ginglik is at 5.15pm, while the other venues kick off around 2pm), but it will be the last venue standing with the "Official Afterparty" being hosted in the bogs and kick-out (aka Bagel Bite) time is scheduled for 3am.

Source: Ginglik
I've already made my intentions towards Cloud Control clear (though I'm now worried this will leave me cutting it fine to get to The Goldhawk in time for Flashguns... maybe the Asics will have to come out) but there are other reasons to head to Ginglik on Saturday. Here are my take on the other acts performing;

Peggy Sue - confusingly Peggy Sue are a three piece who admit they're not very good at describing their music, so I will instead. They are folk. But it's folk that's a bit edgy and has soul and melodies that are credibly reminscent of Joni Mitchell, which is no bad thing in my folk song book.

Kill It Kid - another "hit" at The Great Escape festival, which I again missed (chocolate willies-drunk-hens) I am very intrigued by this band, particularly as their song titles and band name show a borderline obsession with mortality: "Send me an Angel down", "Pray on Me", "Day before I die". I'll be honest this band doesn't quite hit the spot with me. There's something about them that suggests they're trying to be a credible Paramore (which is silly; Paramore are ace heavy-rock-pop, leave it alone) but they're acoustic performances promise entertainment and passion; two things I'll never argue with.

Three Blind Wolves - This man band are the masters of rock crescendos followed by country-like guitars and changing paces. They go from sounding like Arcade Fire to Fleet Foxes to Ray LaMontagne, and all in just one song. But there's no denying, they would certainly raise the roof of Ginglik, if there was space above the roof instead of ten metres of soil, concrete and possibly dead bodies from yesteryear. Their music is different and clearly the culmination of a lot of hard work. I'll raise my glass to you for that fellas.

I have to say thought hat Birdie's top tip for the Ginglik Line Up remains Cloud Control. See you there... 

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