Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I know where it's at... Bushstock Venue No. 2: The Goldhawk


A popular choice and venue among tweet-up attendees I am very much looking forward to The Goldhawk pub being a music venue for Bushstock this Saturday.

The last time I was there (pre-curry fest at near-neighbour Rajput) we found out that the Goldhawk has changed management... a few times and in fact it was currently being run by an interim manager. I'm unsure of its current status but after an uncertain start when it was my local four years ago it is now one of my regular haunts and a pub I'm happy to walk past other drinking holes along Goldhawk Road to frequent.

Again the Goldhawk is no stranger to live music. Every Thursday they have a understated but successful open mic night. I'm still not sure where exactly they are going to have the "stage" in this pub. There is an elevated are to the rear but this provides direct access to the toilets and I find it unlikely that the artistes will appreciate me interrupting their set as I squeeze past clutching my twinkle desperately on the way to the lav' (after a few lagers I always think I have the bladder of a camel and can come childishly close to misjudging its actual strength and capacity.) (Sorry. Too much information?).

We shall just have to wait and see in The Goldhawk where the singers will sing, where the drinkers will drink and where audience will watch perfromers in awe. One thing is for sure when heading home from the comfort of The Goldhawk  you are guaranteed fried chicken regardless of the direction you choose to take home.

I will hold my hands up and confess that I haven't heard of any of the acts on The Goldhawk Line Up but I've done my research/You Tube stalking and here is my take on three of the acts.

Foy Vance - this flat-cap wearing, acoustic guitar playing crooner from Bangor, Northern Ireland is strangely mesmerising to watch. I quite like his version of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. (After listening to this you may not be surprised to hear that his music has been featured in Grey's Anatomy.)

Louise and the Pins - I'll be honest this act's name got me hoping for a soulful sixties-esque female group however it's just another ridiculously talented female and a guitar. Except it's a bit more than that. I like her voice, it's much more Karen Dalton than Laura Marling (who she has performed with) and very, very soothing. If you're the wrong side of drunk and fighting off the zzzzs I would listen to her beautiful voice at your peril!

Flashguns - Hoorah! Some drums! Some guitar sounds what are electronically amplified! Something I can nod my head and tap my to! Not that I don't love all the folk, but I can tell that Flashguns will be one for those more prone to po-go-esque danciing and crowd surfing than contemplating lost loves and personal insecurities (i.e. me!!). Flashguns are Birdie's top tip for The Goldhawk Line Up.

Note to Bushstock organisers. I do think it would have been a bit excellent to have invited/bribed/forced local band Goldhawks to have played at The Goldhawk as part of the Bushstock Line Up. Maybe next year? Thanks, Birdie.x

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