Thursday, 23 June 2011

I call it art...

Doesn't life work in mysterious ways? This week I have been lamenting my daily commute to and from work, as well as the awful "summer" weather, the hideous amounts of work I have and the fact that my favourite handbag broke this week. All first world problems I know, yet irrationally my Central Line commute just continued to plague me thanks to line problems, my own poor time keeping and just generally not enjoying any kind of transportation when my nose is poked directly in someone's armpit, or worse.

But today I was granted a new perspective. Discovering the blog of Mike Reed this morning stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink my daily commute. Brushes with Strangers (genius!) is Mike's blog of the strangers he sees and sketches using the iPad app Brushes. The strangers he sketches are mostly those who share the the same carriage space with him on his daily commute or when travelling around London. Because he works two days a week at the BBC in White City, a number of his sketches are fellow passengers travelling to and from the Bush.

In these sketches of commuters to the Bush I particularly love his interpretation of the bright orange-yellow hand bars of the Overground trains. In all his sketches I like how simply and effectively the lines on the commuters' faces capture complete fatigue or that stubborn concentration on just not engaging with anyone.

Though I'm neither skilled nor subtle enough to sketch my Central line buddies, I'm an avid people watcher so I will now remind myself that my daily commute is not a daily slog, but is actually an opportunity to co-exist with others, if only just to share in their own daily slog.  It could also be the moment I'm being sketched by Mike on his iPad.  Hmm, time to start wearing more make up and maybe start brushing my hair in the morning...

Though this isn't a Bush Brushes (I must confess Mike coined that expression) I do like this sketch and Mike's comment beneath. We've all been there!

All sketches are used with permission from Brushes with Strangers. Do check it out and check back in as there will be more Bush Brushes in the future. Thanks Mike!

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  1. How lovely, thank you so much. I’ve been blown away by the responses to the blog, which began as the odd sketch posted on Facebook.

    I’m thrilled that something I do essentially to relieve the commute, and give me a new creative outlet, has made an impression with people. Thanks for being my first ever blog mention!