Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can you hear me laughing?

I wanted to share this with you Shepherd's Bush folk and maybe gauge your opinion...

The Spoof, an online source of spoofed and satirical news, published their version of Andre Villa-Boas' appointment as Chelsea manager.

The story exposes Villa-Boas as "Terry Nonce and he is a nothing more than a low life chancer from Shepherd's Bush. Terry the Pikey, who bears an uncanny resemblence to the swarthy Andre Villas-Boas, is a local loser who drinks in the Cash In Claw Public House."

Source: BBC*
It is a funny(ish) article and they have a disclosure saying it is entirely fictitious of course, and it pokes more fun at Chelsea FC than Shepherd's Bush yet I had something of a sense of humour by pass when I stumbled upon it last night.

While my usual reaction to such jokes at the Bush's expense is an amused smile and maybe a half-chuckle, for some reason I felt a bit put out by The Spoof choosing Shepherd's Bush as the home for their pikey impersonator. I mean, they could have picked any rough and ready area near Chelsea (err I'll come back to you with that list) was Shepherd's Bush just the nearest one, or was it the most obvious one?

What are your thoughts? Should Shepherd's Bush be the butt of everyone's jokes (or just ours)?

* I'm glad I've had an excuse to publish a picture of Del Boy's yellow 3 wheeler wonder as I used to see it (or probably more likely a copy) parked on Conningham Road all the time when I lived in that neck of the Bush. It always made me smile in an OddBush kinda way. Has anyone seen it there recently?

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  1. Haven't seen it recently, but a few years ago it was always in Percy Road around the corner from Coningham. My children and I loved walking past it on the way back from school. I'd be very interested to know whether it's around anywhere now.