Thursday, 5 May 2011

You say yes, I say no...

Or maybe it's the other way round?

Despite wanting to a little bit on this occasion, I am not going to get political, but I am going to encourage my readers to get off their beautiful bottoms and vote today in the referendum on the alternative vote. Aside from the predictable yet unwaveringly correct argument about those (men and women) who died for our right to vote, it quite frankly gets my (voting) goat when people don't vote then moan about the state of the government, the council etc. No matter which vote counting system is in place after today's referendum, there still need to be votes to count...

As an extra incentive for voting in Shepherd's Bush I can guarantee you it will be an opportunity to see a real mix of people. I have visited two polling stations during my time living in W12 and both occasions have afforded me opportunity to see not only true Shepherd's Bush characters placing their votes; the fierce old lady declining help getting up the steps into the polling station from a moderator was my favourite, the half-drunk young woman shouting "F*ck the Tories!" last year may have been equally as entertaining if a little more concerning. You will also be assured of classic Labour and Tory or on this occasion I suppose Yes to AV or No to AV campaigner stereotypes on your way in and out. (The Tory supporters always looking slightly more out of their comfort zones, it has to be said.)

Polling stations in Shepherd's Bush and across the country are open until 10pm tonight. If you're a Bush resident you can find your nearest polling station here (though it should be clearly displayed on your poll card). Happy voting!

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  1. I have a polling station 50m from my front door, but it isn't the one I am supposed to go to... thankfully that one is on my street too!

    Now to decide which way to go... I have a similar system to AV in NZ, MMP, and while it has allowed different people into Parliament, it has resulted in a tail wagging the dog scenario as well. And the Aussie AV voting has also kept it a 2 party system as well.

    By saying that Westminster could well do with a proper injection of diversity in there! We have had more than our fair share of "characters come into our Parliament - worlds first Rastafarian, a woman who had to get the police to revoke her banning order from Parliament as well :)

    Probably not a great example but I find British politics quite grey, although it still would bother me either way as it seems to be very expensive to run the place!