Saturday, 7 May 2011

We are the Champions

What a month for QPR, heck, what a year!

Today the FA have FINALLY (and the Caps are warranted) announced that they will not be deducting points for the charges made against the club in relation to the signing of Alejandro Faurlin.

This is the FA's statement as reported on the BBC website"Although two of the charges have been found to be proved there will be no points deduction made from Queens Park Rangers FC in this season or the next."

It follows that QPR have won the Championship and with it promotion to the Premier League. It isn't hard to anticipate how elated fans will be when the Championship trophy is presented to Warnock and his men at Loftus Road after the final whistle is blown after they meet Leeds this afternoon. For all involved I hope the game is a win for the Rangers, but I doubt anything will dampen the spirits of QPR fans today, nor the noise and celebration levels in and around Shepherd's Bush tonight and possibly for many more days to come.

Today was supposed to be Bushstock. I am glad they moved the date because I think QPR deserve this day and this moment. Even if you don't like football and have very little idea what I am writing about you soon will because having Shepherd's Bush as the home of a Premier League football team again will soon change our Saturday afternoon traffic of visitors; FYI those Man United and Arsenal fans from Surrey won't just be heading here for Westfield shopping.

Can I buy my tickets for next season's home game against Everton yet?

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  1. Thank you Bird, you have explained to me why men in blue and white flags are stomping up and down my road chanting incessantly. I'm happy for them, but the game finished ages ago!