Friday, 27 May 2011

Take me back...

Spotted this photograph posted on Twitter the other day and rather than bore you (again) with one of my trips down another W12 memory lane (have you recovered from this one yet?) I thought I'd see if someone could tell me what this building is, where it was/is and what it was used for?

I am fast learning that many of you know lots and lots about the history of Shepherd's Bush and I love being informed, educated, and corrected (yes really!) so thank you for reading and extra special thank you to those who comment.

Am escaping the Bush for the bank holiday weekend with NewMan and I will be back Tuesday with a very special request for historical information so dust off your memories all you life long Bush dwellers...


  1. Looks like the drill hall opposite The Green Pub on Wood lane. Now used as some sort of community hall I think. Great find. The area is so very different now. Glad you are enjoying the local history of The Bush.

  2. I found a pdf that describes a walk that mentions the hall and other spots around and about.

  3. Thank you Stuart and yes - 10 points.

    Love that walk and all the historic information. I can't wait to try it out *clears diary of all social engagements*

    Thank you again!

    Bird x

  4. more info also on this trail...

    I love the photos too. the ones of the green in the 70's

    you best get your walking shoes on...