Thursday, 26 May 2011

Just a taste...

Two years ago I completed "Dressmaking for beginners", a course run by Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Learning and Skills Service (ALSS). The result of 10 consecutive weeks blistering my fingers with needles and pins was a black halter neck dress that neither fitted, nor looked good. That and a sense of satisfaction that I rarely achieve in my day job or occasionally personal life. I made a dress. A dress I can't wear, but a real dress out of flat pieces of fabric and cotton that I sewed into place. It still hangs hopefully in my wardrobe, waiting for the day my boobs double in size or another day when I decide to give it to someone who fills its requirements, literally. (See Exhibit 1 below)

Exhibit 1

However, the course taught me many valuable skills; how to thread a sewing machine, how to follow a dress pattern (to a point, and then I learnt how to ask my Mum for help), how to hem, dart and put in a zip. Small achievements for a slave to fashion who's always been "all the ideas, unable to use the gear". Since the course I have inherited a beautiful 1950s electric Singer sewing machine from my Grandma and have made another (ill-fitting dress). I have also rescued numerous skirts, dresses and tops from the charity shop pile by fixing broken zips or undone hemlines and I even made NewMan some cushions for his new sofa. More recently I made some big fat bunting for future sister-in-law's hen do using leftover fabric and lace ribbon.

This post was not meant to be a show and tell of Birdie's achievements and failures in fabric, it was actually to publicise the local council's Adult Learning Classes. They are there to be filled and benefited from, just like I did. (Mo also did the course with me and she is a whizz with a needle and thread). Depending on your circumstance the courses are free or at a subsidised, reasonable price. I attended my classes at the Adult Education Centre on Bryony Road (just off Bloemfontaine Road) but classes take place all over the borough.

Next week is half term (hear teachers emit a communal sigh of relief) and during the week Hammersmith & Fulham ALSS are offering free taster classes for both adults and children. They will include the following tasters of new classes:
  • Learn to prepare delicious food
  • Improve your computer and social networking skills
  • Discover how easily you can learn a new language
  • Get fit with Tai Chi or learn Salsa and Zumba
  • Face painting and puppet making for parents and children
The classes are on Tuesday 31 May at the new Adult Community Learning Centre on Australia Road, White City
and Wednesday 1 June at the Macbeth Centre (just off king Street in Hammersmith)

More information is on the flyer below or you can visit their website or call our telephone enrolment line: 0845 839 7912 to ask any questions (they're very helpful!).

Happy Learning Shepherd's Bush!

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