Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Girls just wanna have fun...

I have just survived my first ever hen do. I joined my brother's future wife and a giggling gaggle of her friends in Brighton where we partied hard for three nights. Really hard. As well as encouraging my current fascination with weddings, it was another warm reminder how wonderful women are and how much fun we are when we get together and celebrate being women. Maybe I'm wrong but this is ultimately what I think most hen dos should be about. That and being daft about anything dick-shaped, of course.

This completely contradicts most of my pre-conceived ideas of hen dos ("Why do we have to get silly and giddy about plastic or edible cocks? So immature."). Yet this weekend I couldn't help but love the squeals of laughter when we were all given willy rings, and I was bursting with pride as our Bride completed her challenge of collecting mens' items of clothing off mens' backs. I also relished the opportunity to don a blonde afro wig and sing Whitney Houston in our private karaoke booth.

I hope my pre-hen planning and post-hen recovery explains my brief blogging hiatus. I've really missed typing away about the Bush (and the Bird!). It's been a funny few weeks for us in W12 with a fatal shooting down the road and a violent daylight stabbing incident yesterday in Hammersmith. This has all been excellently reported by Chris Underwood's Shepherd's Bush Blog.

I have put up more pictures from my time in Brighton on my new blogging adventure "As the Bird flies..." please have a poke around.

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